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7 Tips For Brides To Prepare Perfectly For Your Initial Wedding Dress Consultation

Few events in our lives bring as much excitement and anticipation as our wedding day, and this is especially the case for brides as they make plans for their big day such as choosing their bridal gown, deciding on who their bridesmaids are going to be, and discussing with their future spouse where they are going on honeymoon, for example.

It is the first of those three examples, choosing a bridal gown or wedding dress, which will doubtless occupy the most time and thoughts of many brides-to-be. Given this is a dress that will likely only be worn for one day, albeit one of the most important days of their life, this is what causes brides to rightly want to ensure that they make the correct choice.

Part of the process of choosing a wedding dress will be the first wedding dress consultation appointment with the company chosen to make and supply the wedding dress. For many brides reading this, that appointment is more nerve-racking than any job interview and many of you may genuinely panic about it.

Anxiety need not reach those levels, and whilst some nervous excitement is to be expected, there are ways to ensure that you remain calm enough to listen during the consultation and more importantly, make decisions about your wedding dress with a clear and calm mind.

To that end, we have outlined below seven tips that will help ensure that your first wedding dress appointment is one that you are properly prepared for. In being so prepared, you can look forward to it, can enjoy it, and be assured that you make the right choices during it.

Create A Timeline: The best results in anything always come if a plan is in place and choosing your wedding dress is no different. From the start, create a timeline from the first day you start to research, with subsequent important milestones until the day of your wedding.

Do Plenty Of Research In Advance: Along with planning, great research will help ensure that your journey towards choosing the perfect bridal dress is a success. Scour the internet for wedding dress websites, look through magazines, request catalogues from wedding dress makers, and ask for ideas from friends and family.

Determine What Your Budget Is: Before narrowing in on some ideas and options, you should first decide what your maximum budget is going to be. With a solid budget in mind, it will save you time by eliminating options that are either way too low in price and quality, or well beyond your budget.

Make The Appointment A Time That Suits Your Entourage: Having chosen whom you believe will be your dressmaker, now make an appointment that suits your entourage. This will certainly include your bridesmaids and mum, but can also include your future mother-in-law, grandmother and friends for encouragement.

Wear Underclothing And Shoes Similar To What You Will Wear On Your Wedding Day: You will be trying on several dresses and to appreciate how they will feel on your wedding day, wear underclothes that match those you will wear for your wedding. This allows you to best gauge each dress’s comfort and suitability.

Do Not Rush The Process Of Choosing: Given that the consultation may feel somewhat stressful because you want to get your wedding dress just right, it can mean being tempted to choose quickly to get out of there. Avoid this by relaxing and taking as much time as you need to choose. Remember, this is not a race.

Be Open-Minded: One of the top ways to make your first wedding dress consultation stress-free is to arrive with an open mind. That open mind will mean you do not feel pressured into sticking with any one recommendation, and also have the option to schedule another consultation to give you more time to decide.