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The Best (and Terrible) Storage Ideas For Your Skincare, Makeup, and Perfumes

We have all been there. Scrolling through the gram, envying our favorite influencers’ impeccable organization of beauty products. For any makeup enthusiast, beyond having a dream collection, the desire for a perfectly organized beauty loot is strong.

Newsflash: Beauty product storage isn’t all about aesthetics. Storage condition remarkably influences the quality of your makeup, skincare, and perfumes.

A moldy beauty blender or a toner with a funny smell is a turnoff—not to mention a waste! Heat or light affects the formulas of these products.

This article will teach you how to store your beauty products and how not to store them.

Spoiler alert: Bathrooms are a terrible idea!

Keep scrolling to learn how to care for your beauty products.

Advanced Tips for Beauty Product Care

Advanced care like these will help you maximize your beauty products effectively.

Keep Inventory Regularly: Take note of your products as soon as you open them. This will prevent waste and allow you to use the products when they are highly potent.

Storage Units: Throughout this piece, we emphasize how much your storage options affect your product. As much as you invest in makeup, invest in storage units. Get a beauty fridge or makeup organizers for more protection.

Climate Consideration: People in hot or humid climates need more quality storage options, such as a dehumidifier or airtight containers for their powder. Basically, they may need to do more than people in cooler climates.

Storage Solutions for Beauty Products

Take it from us: the ultimate guide to storing your beauty product is to avoid heat, humid space, and sunlight. All of these interact with the active ingredients and deplete the quality quickly.

That said, we’ll go into details.


Perfumes have complex fragrance compositions that are largely unstable. Each time you feel tempted to display your collection on a windowsill, remember this.

The best storage spot for your perfume is a bedroom dresser drawer. Or your closet shelf. Keeping the bottles in their original boxes also offers extra protection. However, heat or sun exposure degrades the delicate composition, leading to a less intense fragrance.


All your skincare products are best kept in a space free from heat, high temperature, or humidity. That takes bathrooms and window sills out of your options.

Serums and actives are better in a mini skincare fridge. The cool temperature preserves the quality and limits the risk of degradation. So, your hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, or retinol are better off in the fridge. Your cleansers or moisturizers should share similar storage!

Bonus Tip: Limit the number of times you open your skincare products. Also, use pump tinctures or spatula to limit contact with fingers.


First off, all powders, including blush or eyeshadow, are better off in a vanity drawer. Alternatively, invest in a makeup organizer. Moisture or humid temperatures can make powders cake, making them challenging to apply.

Liquid makeup, such as foundations or lipsticks, should be stored in a cool and dry area. If you don’t use them often, you may store them in a fridge to improve their shelf life.

Finally, your mascaras and liquid eyeliners have a shorter usage period for hygiene reasons. But we understand that you’ll probably need to keep them closer for ease of use. Whatever you do, keep them away from the bathroom or direct sunlight. Ensure they are in a cool and dry place.

Places to Avoid Storing Beauty Products

It’s great to know where to keep your beauty products. Similarly, educate yourself on where you shouldn’t keep your precious collections. Some spaces accelerate the degradation, causing you to have less effective items.

What are the forbidden zones for your beauty essentials?

The Bathroom Cabinet

Most of the time, the default storage space for beauty products is the bathroom. Especially when you have a large bathroom that allows for more functionality.

But it’s the worst option due to its high humidity. With each shower, the bathroom gets steamy, encouraging mold or bacteria growth.

Bathroom storage rewards you with less effective skincare or, worst case scenario, skin infections.

Direct Sunlight

Your windowsill probably looks pretty and spacious. The only thing that could complement its elegance is a series of skincare bottles arranged to perfection. Well, that’s not the best idea for skincare storage. Get some flower pots instead.

Windowsills or any spots with direct sunlight heat your skincare, altering its composition. Needless to say, that’s bad news for your expensive products.

Car Glove Compartment

For days when you need touchups, it’s reasonable to have some beauty products around you. But in a car glove compartment? Worst idea. The extreme fluctuation in temperature in that space may cause premature spoilage.

Can You Store Skincare Products in the Fridge?

The quick answer is yes. This is quickly becoming a trend in the beauty care world. While fridge storage boosts shelf life, it also leaves a cooling, soothing feeling. Are there any beauty products that you can’t store in a fridge?

Well, find out below.

The Benefits of Chilling Your Skincare

For more clarity, here are the perks of keeping your skincare cool.

Longer Shelf Life: Some actives are prone to gradual degradation. Because of refrigeration, products like benzoyl peroxide or retinol have longer potency.

Reduced Bacterial Growth: Organic and preservative-free products are prone to bacterial growth. However, with refrigeration, they will last longer and are less likely to grow molds.

Soothing Effect: It’s been a long day, and all you can think of is having a soothing bathe. Using cool skincare products to complement it leaves an unmatched refreshing and relaxing effect.

Products You Can Refrigerate

Some products have no business in the fridge! But here are some care needs that would benefit significantly from a beauty fridge:

Serums and Face Masks: Most times, these products have actives that thrive better in cooler temperatures. So, putting serums in the fridge gets a nod for serums in the fridge any time!

Eye Creams: Cool eye creams are great for reducing under-eye puffiness. Yes, gal, you can put that eye cream in the fridge.

Natural or Organic Products: Natural products may develop mold in humid environments. It’s safe to chill them.

Toners and Mists: Finally, toners or mists leave a refreshing feeling when you keep them in a fridge.

What to Keep Out of the Fridge

The following products should stay outside the fridge:

Oil-Based Products: Leaving oil-based products in a fridge could solidify them and taper with ease of application.

Clay Masks and Exfoliators: Exfoliators or clay masks are at risk of getting harder. In the long run, this may affect the texture, messing with its effectiveness.

Lush, Thick Creams: Also, thick creams will get harder and more difficult to spread.

Tips for Refrigerating Skincare Products

  • Don’t keep skincare products in a food fridge. Get a mini beauty fridge.
  • Always check the label to see if the product is best suited for room temperature.
  • Keep an eye on your product’s smell or texture to know when to throw them out.

How Long Should You Use Your Makeup Products?

Like food, makeup has expiry dates. If you don’t use it early enough after opening it, the quality may drop over time, even before it expires. More so when you leave it in a steamy, humid environment.

To avoid skin irritation and breakouts, we’ll give you a quick guide on how long you should use beauty products:


Typically, bottled moisturizers last about one year after being removed from the package. That’s because the bottle protects the moisturizer from external interference. However, moisturizers packed in a cup lose their efficiency after about six months. Take note that this has nothing to do with the expiration dates.


When you think of storing your cleanser, the bathroom certainly comes to mind. Unfortunately, that atmosphere is rife with moisture. Hence, cleansers are best used within 1 year of opening. External factors can damage them afterward, deteriorating their quality.


One little mistake, and you’ll have an oxidized serum on your hands. Why? Serums consist of delicately balanced formulas that make them prone to deteriorating quickly.

We suggest putting your serum in a skincare fridge.

But whatever you do, keep it out of the bathroom because that’s the easiest way to damage the product. Simply put, serums have a rigid shelf life.

Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner

Mascras and eyeliners have a lifespan of about 3-6 months. That’s because you use these products close to your eyes. Using them for too long could lead to eye infections. So once you notice a texture change or a foul smell, toss it out.

Foundation and Concealer

Once opened, it’s best to replace your foundation or concealer for about 6-12 months.  They tend to harbor bacteria over time.

Tips for Extending Product Life

Your actions or actions may damage your products way before the expiration date. How can you extend the shelf life?

  • Keep Lids Closed Tightly: Always seal the lids of all your beauty products to protect them. By minimizing air exposure and limiting interaction with external factors, you boost their shelf life. Be especially careful with your serums.
  • Use Clean Applicators or Brushes: It is essential to keep your applicators or tools clean. Wash your brushes regularly to avoid transferring bacteria to your products.
  • Avoid Sharing Makeup: We all have friends with whom we don’t mind sharing our precious beauty loot. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are prone to cross-contamination when you share. It’s best not to.

Bottom Line

These tips will ensure you maximize your investment. Knowing how well you cherish your beauty products, you should focus on storing them correctly. Regardless of how “tight” your collection is, it’s a waste if the efficiency drops due to mediocre storage.

As you expand your collection, remember to store it in a safe place. That’s how you keep it in tip-top condition and ensure it performs the required function. A beauty fridge may seem like a considerable investment, but it pays off in the long run. When you spend a fortune on beauty loot, you want it to have longer shelf life.

Remember to stay away from the worst storage options!