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Cleaning Your Beauty Products

Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Products

When was the last time you took a moment to go through your makeup collection? One of the best beauty tips you will come across is making sure you spend time every three to six months taking note of what you’ve got, reading expiry dates, and making sure everything is hygienic and clean.

Believe it or not, paying attention to your makeup and beauty products is in the best interests of your health, so here’s how to start taking better care of your products.

Read Expiry Dates

Even though you’d pay close attention the expiry date of your dairy products in your fridge, most people are less likely to take the same care with their beauty products. However, over time, beauty products such as foundation, lotions, and serums, can all lose their structural integrity and become less than ideal for use. Reading an expiry date on a regular basis is even more critical if it’s a product which you use minimal amounts of. It tends to sit around longer, losing its effectiveness by the day.

Replace Makeup Application Tools

One of the most common beauty tips when it comes to makeup application is ensuring you replace and clean your makeup brushes and sponges. A sponge can harbour all kinds of bacteria, while a brush can become clogged with makeup that makes application challenging over time.

With blenders and sponges, you should aim to clean them at least once per week and replace them after around three months of use. If you’re prone to acne, you may wish to replace and clean them more frequently.

Pay Attention to Storage Requirements

Not all makeup and beauty products you buy are going to have the same storage requirements. While it’s true that most can sit tucked away in your makeup bag with no problems, you may need to refrigerate other products based on the ingredients.

As you buy new products, you should take note of how best to store them. With products that you already own, do a quick check every three months to make sure you’re giving them the best chance of a long lifespan.

Clean Out Useless Products

Your bathroom and makeup bag can become a cemetery for products you no longer require, or ones you’ve purchased by mistake. If you’ve bought the wrong shade of lipstick, the wrong foundation tone, or a particular serum reacts badly with your skin, throw them away. You can then tell yourself that cleaning out products is an excellent excuse to buy more to take their place! This is a top-notch beauty tip you’re sure to realise has a positive side.

Most people will openly admit they only use a few different products every day, so why is your makeup bag so full? Take a look at your products today, throw away old products, and feel much better for it.