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7 Myths About Laser Eye Surgery Which Are Completely False

One of the irritations that a laser eye surgery consultant or a cataract eye surgeon have to deal with is dispelling myths that a patient have read and subsequently believed. Some of these myths are enough to make patients far more fearful and doubting of laser eye surgery and its ability to improve their eyesight than they need be.

Although millions of people have had successful laser eye surgery and all the surgeons who carry it out are extremely skilled and experienced professionals, having a doubt placed in one’s mind due to falsehoods is what makes many candidates for laser eye surgery doubtful at one end of the scale and downright terrified at the other. So, to help them, and possibly yourself, here are seven laser eye surgery myths you can completely dismiss as false.

Myth #1 – Laser Eye Surgery Is Extremely Painful: Invariably this is untrue. Your surgeon will apply eye drops to numb your eye, so you feel no pain during the procedure. After surgery, there may be some irritation, but this can be combatted with painkillers and any discomfort usually subsides within a couple of days.