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Bias Putih Beach

Bias Putih Beach Wants to Avoid Development and Investors

In southern Bali large scale, investors are an integral part of the development of this playground for foreign tourists. However, in Perasi a small village in Karangasem Regency in eastern Bali they are actually hoping to avoid the expansion of investments into their pristine Bias Putih Beach.

Bias Putih Beach translates to White Sandy Beach and when it comes to natural wonders this is definitely one of them, and it is beginning to attract tourists from around the world who are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday.

Locals don’t mind sharing their beach with tourists but they want to keep it like it is now – a relaxing getaway without all the tourist ‘pomp and circumstance.’ Because the beach is located behind hills, it’s nearly invisible.

Just a few years ago, a large resort developer attempted to develop a resort but the local authorities rejected the development because they were concerned the beach would eventually be closed off to the public.

It is not a large beach, only around 500 meters long, but the white sand is so wonderful and it has the most breathtaking views you will ever experience. Locals work together to keep the beach clean, and pride themselves in having their own small piece of paradise. They don’t mind sharing they just don’t want to see it disturbed too much.

Access is challenging so visitors have to travel along a narrow, rough village road. Then they have to go into the forest, and finally they’ll reach the beach. Even if you are staying at a Seminyak Bali Villa with your own piece of beach outside the door, make sure you adventure out and see what this beach has to offer and why locals are trying so hard to keep investors out of these region while other areas of Bali are looking for more investment.