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Why You Should Wear a Waist Trainer Rather Than a Corset

If you follow the likes of the Kardashian sisters on social media, you will no doubt be aware of the phenomenon catching on known as waist training. Waist training involves wearing a compression material corset-like product which works to give you curves, flatten your stomach, and make you sweat when you work out.

However, because it looks so similar to a corset, people mistake them for being the same thing. Corsets and waist trainers are entirely different, and here’s why you should wear a waist trainer instead of a corset.

You Can Exercise in a Waist Trainer

Corsets feature steel boning and tightening lace, while waist trainers are typically latex with compression material. If you have ever tried to bend or move your waist in a corset, you will know that exercise will not only be uncomfortable but nearly impossible to do safely. A waist trainer, on the other hand, features compression material not dissimilar to what some workout clothing features. As a result, you can wear them during workouts and benefit from working up a sweat and accentuating those curves.

You Can Conceal Them Easier

Not everyone wants to openly admit they are waist training, and that’s okay. If you buy a corset, however, you will have trouble concealing it. Because of the lace and steel boning, it won’t sit flat underneath your clothing, showing lumps and bumps that you don’t get with a typical singlet.

If you wear a waist trainer, which sits flat against your body with smooth compression fabric, you only have to contend with hooks and eyelets. These, for the most part, lie flat against the material as you’d expect with a bra closure system.

It’s Safer

When you begin waist training with a cincher or waist trainer, you may feel tightness and discomfort, to start with, but not to the extent of a corset. A corset can take five or six inches of your waist immediately – and dangerously. Because of the fabric waist trainers typically feature – latex and compression material, you have a certain amount of flexibility to be comfortable but get the results you want.

They Are More Affordable

If, when looking at waist training options, you find you have a limited budget, you will be pleased to know waist trainers usually are cheaper than corsets. If you buy a high-quality corset, you can expect to pay over $100, but if you buy a waist trainer, it can be in the region of $30 to $80 for a high-quality garment.

There are many reasons why those looking at waist training should opt for a correct waist trainer. Corsets, while attractive, can be dangerous, not to mention uncomfortable. Begin waist training with a proper trainer and notice the difference.