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Sensitive Skin? Here’s How to Choose the Right Makeup for You

Not everyone is born with naturally tough skin. In fact, more and more people are looking for beauty tips to help them find makeup that won’t hurt or irritate their face. It’s a common problem with more makeup on the market than ever before, but it’s not impossible to find products that won’t make your skin break out in a rash.

If you’re one of the many people who find it challenging to wear makeup because of skin sensitivities, we’ve included some beauty tips below to help. You may see it’s easier than you think to source products to suit your skin.

Avoid Fragrance

Often, perfume or fragrance is added to beauty products to make them more appealing to all senses. However, it’s not a necessary addition, nor is it beneficial for everyone’s skin. If you’re not sure what’s causing your skin irritation, read the labelling. Look for products that sell themselves as ‘fragrance-free’ or look for ‘perfume’ in the list of ingredients on the back.

Say No to Cooling

Everyone wants their skin to feel smooth, cool and refreshed, but products that offer these benefits can have the opposite effect. To get that ‘cool’ feature, manufacturers often add peppermint, alcohol, eucalyptus or similar products. These can dry out your skin, making it itchy and red.

Natural Is Not Always Best

We are becoming more aware and appreciative of natural products and everything Mother Earth makes for us. Manufacturers realise this and now include as many plant extracts into their products as possible. While they are sure to be more beneficial for your skin than some of the toxic components they’re replacing, some people’s skin is just not equipped to handle them.

Scented plant extracts can cause havoc to some people’s skin, including those products that feature any lavender or citrus. If particular products are reacting with your skin, take note of the ingredient list. You may find that nature isn’t as kind to your skin as you would have hoped.

Don’t Believe Everything a Product Tells You

While, naturally, you’re going to make a bee-line for products that claim to be soothing for sensitive skin, it’s important to be wary of everything that makes that claim. Of course, the manufacturer can’t claim this without scientific evidence, but you may be one of the many people whose skin problems are worsened by the added antioxidants.

Even products that are more beneficial for those with sensitive skin are not always going to be suitable for you. Therefore, one of the best beauty tips you’ll be given is that you must always test products before applying them to your face. Dab a little bit on your wrist and leave it. If it reacts with your skin, it’s not suitable for you.

Sensitive skin can be a burden, but with a bit of trial and error, you can find products that are suitable for your skin. The best beauty tip we can offer is not to assume that natural products or those for sensitive skin are going to be adequate. Always test them out on a small area of skin first, and read ingredient lists to get to grips with what does and doesn’t irritate your skin. Through a process of elimination, you will soon have a select group of products which you can safely apply to your skin.